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Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Across the Universe by Beth Revis
My rating: 5 of 5 genies
Genre: Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Dystopian, Romance, Adventure, Action
Published: January 11, 2011
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 416
Source: Library Loan
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary

A love out of time. A spaceship built of secrets and murder.

Seventeen-year-old Amy joins her parents as frozen cargo aboard the vast spaceship Godspeed and expects to awaken on a new planet, three hundred years in the future. Never could she have known that her frozen slumber would come to an end fifty years too soon and that she would be thrust into the brave new world of a spaceship that lives by its own rules.

Amy quickly realizes that her awakening was no mere computer malfunction. Someone-one of the few thousand inhabitants of the spaceship-tried to kill her. And if Amy doesn't do something soon, her parents will be next.

Now Amy must race to unlock Godspeed's hidden secrets. But out of her list of murder suspects, there's only one who matters: Elder, the future leader of the ship and the love she could never have seen coming.

My Thoughts

Across the Universe was brill, simply and wholly brilly. For that bit of terminology translated in greater detail you're going to have to grab a copy of Revis's consuming galactic novel, but let me just say that when I say 'brilly' I mean perfect, full and completely. Okay so where to begin? Maybe at my final thoughts because close to an hour after laying it down, I cannot get the book and characters out of my head.

I want more, more of Amy and Elder and more of Godspeed! If you're listening Revis, please make a sequel! As a side not however, I do not usually go for intergalactic stories or space novels usually, or at all for that matter. I don't know why, but they have never been me. I'm the girl eating Godiva by the fireplace with a warming romance in hand; the genres certainly vary but I almost always gravitate towards romance, I'm just that way. Or so I thought! That was before Across the Universe totally captured me with its alluring cover and title, trust me when I say I've stood in the bookstore debating whether to buy this work many times. I wasn't willing to invest in a book that might, for all I knew, Suck. So I borrowed it from my library!!! Awesome Little device, right folks? Speaking of which My debt is paid off so I can walk the library lanes without feeling like all the cameras are on the girl who owes 100 + dollars.

Yes, 100+ Don't ask me how that happened, just know that it did and I've paid it off and will NEVER allow myself to be stink-eyed by Lady Mac'Grady 2.1!

Never. Again.

That stink eye changes a does THINGS. O.o

*Looks around embarrassed and groans.* I suppose I've just embarrassed myself via internet again...

*Ahem* Well it can't be helped! Nuts will be nuts, I suppose. Right? Right...? So leaving my library troubles aside, Back to the book!

The first thing about this novel is that it is not in any way, restrictive. ANYONE could pick this up and read it, it's amazing! The whole world is brand new and carefully laid out, the people frightening And by that I do mean scary, bone-curling scary. I wish the reality in this book never comes to pass for anyone, because boy does it look painful! Across the Universe was full of heartache but also little joys that made it worth-while and I. Just. Kept. Flipping.

This wasn't strictly a romance, just strictly real and honest. That is why this book deserves a 5-genie rating in my eyes, because I got everything I wanted. See that kid at Christmas with all the presents littered around her? The one who believes her daddy can get her everything, let she only ask? Well that's me with a very important distinction.

Through the reading of her impeccable novel Revis WAS my Daddy, and I didn't even need to ask.


Loves of The Moment

I thought to leave you with a few smiles to better aid in continuing the day with gladness and pomp.


Oy vey...did I just say pomp?? It's still much too early...

Because they're laughing, I laugh.

This looks sooo Good!

Going to the beach? This guy reminds me of Ernie from Sesame Street!

Who wouldn't want to love him?

How do you plan to spend the rest of your day? I'd love to hear about it. Take care, and enjoy the little things with people who make you smile!



Review: A Million Suns by Beth Revis

A Million Suns by Beth Revis
My rating: 4 of 5 genies
Published: January 10, 2012
Publishers: Razorbill
Pages: 386
Source: Library Loan
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary 

Godspeed was once fuelled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos. It’s been three months. In that time, Amy has learned to hide who she is. Elder is trying to be the leader he’s always wanted to be. But as the ship gets more and more out of control, only one thing is certain: They have to get off the ship.

My Thoughts

Who doesn't love a little out of this world adventure? I know I do! A Million Suns was a fantastic journey; Elder, Amy and everyone else on Godspeed just grew so tremendously in my esteem and I consider it a pleasure to have witnessed Elder's transition to a more humane Eldest. I was pleased that he ascended so well the position of leader of the ship, believe me, it was a lot to handle!

  • Why this book Could be for You

A Million Suns is an almost unbelievable improvement on Across the Universe a book that, mind you, I thought was pretty incredible already. It was great, seeing Beth Revis hone her writing - some of the prose is actually beautiful - and watching her develop the characters as well as relationships made the the whole plot ever more believable.

You should read this if you are in the market for engrossing fiction, complex situations and trying, albeit rewarding, relationships. This is a book which does not disappoint. All the time invested was well worth it!

my little pony friendship is Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes it is, darling, yes it is...

  • Things to Look out For

Bartie, definitely Bartie, watch out for him. I kid you not, that boy could without a doubt incite a Saint to murder. This boy...he takes up far too much of the novel and is excruciating to read about; 80% of the problems in the book are of his making. I do not remember him much from the first book, but he plays a pretty prominent role in this sequel! I wish someone had warned me; there were certain parts of the novel that I just could not get through because his idiocy was mind-boggling.

Gosh, Bartie, you're a freaking asshat. Admit it.

Seriously, I am amazed, because he reads one book, suddenly he's the self-proclaimed expert on everything??You have got to be kidding me.

Elder has it hard enough. With running the ship, fixing the engine and constantly working out kinks in his/Amy's relationship-not-relationship, life is tough for this teen turned leader of many thousands; can someone not cut him a break! And is it so hard to expect that the little ingrate - Bartie - would reason coherently for maybe the first time in his life and realize that life is hard? There will always be hard decisions to make and undoubtedly 99% of them you're not going to like; deal with it, asshat, we all have to. So there, I'm doing you the courtesy of providing a heads-up of sorts: be prepared for a cart-load of stupidity the deeper the book reads, because yes, Bartie is with us.

That aside, the themes in A Million Suns are considerably darker than those previously seen. I think of this book as an appropriate graduation, Revis develops more the plots Across the Universe established in a very stylized and consistent manner. You feel for the characters and gain a greater understanding of who they are and where they came from, for example: Harley might have died but his story continues because readers are given more detail of his upbringing. You will cry for Victria and loathe Luthor, because with him that is kind of a given. Also, all is not finished with Orion either, he's still there...even though, technically, he isn't.

The only reason the rating fell short of five genies was because, as I mentioned, Bartie was very grating. I do not know if perhaps others have a higher tolerance for bull than I, but it was too much and this girl is not so strong. His presence was a pain and ultimately it took a piece of enjoyment for this book away from me.

  • Final Verdict

Be it buy or borrow you need to get your hands on this sequel! Revis broke the Curse and her second book in the "Across the Universe" series is even better than the first. Read it!

Favourite Quotes

"Choice or no, my heart is his."

"But Amy," Elder says. "Space suits!"

"Love without choice isn't love at all."


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I love you all like my favourite read, which at the moment is still Angelfall by Susan Ee/ Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. The links are to twitter, so check those talented ladies out and be sure to give them some love/read up on the titles by them that I mentioned; they are incredible. 

Take care loves, and stay literate! Always, 


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Review: Demonglass (Hex Hall #2) by Rachel Hawkins

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
My rating: 2 of 5 genies
Published: March 22, 2011
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Pages: 368
Source: Library Loan
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary
Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch. 

That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches, shapeshifters, and fairies). But that was before she discovered the family secret, and that her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping Prodigium off the face of the earth.

Turns out, Sophie’s a demon, one of only two in the world—the other being her father. What’s worse, she has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is precisely why Sophie decides she must go to London for the Removal, a dangerous procedure that will destroy her powers.
But once Sophie arrives she makes a shocking discovery. Her new friends? They’re demons too. Meanineone is raising them in secret with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they’re using Archer to do it. But it’s not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?

My Thoughts

Right, so this one wasn't a favorite. I read it because I liked Hex Hall, the characters of Sophie as well as Cal and thought to give Demonglass a try, but this second installment certainly did not meet my expectations. I don't understand what some of my friends on here mean when they say it was awesome/better than Hex Hall because it lacked a lot of things in my opinion.

Rating: 2 genies

Setting: Hawkins did not take advantage of her setting at all, in my opinion, and made little of it accessible to the reader; talking about things that didn't seem to matter and adamantly so strung up on the gilt that I thought I would not make it through the read if I heard about one more naked cupid. There were flipping golden naked cherubs and golden geese that I did not care about, everywhere. How unfortunate.

I wanted to see what Sophie did in London, and personally not a fan of Archer, did not appreciate in the slightest how he dominated most of this book. There was little talk of actual scenery because Sophie hardly traversed passed her doorpost, moping about Mr. Cross or doing something else pointless, and needless to say, there really was no point in dragging gorgeous Cal along at all. Because the only thing that really mattered were those infernal fountains, gilt decorations and greenery. Like really, if I wanted parks and annoying birds? I would visit the park next door.

It may come across as strange, but I read escape literature to escape, oh-and I hate the park. Just saying.

With that out of the way, I can only say that the setting was very uninspiring, and half the time I was reading back to make sure I got things right; it was that hard to understand. The descriptions were very elementary and the prose so angsty I did not trust that the person I was reading about could be the same Sophie who captured my interest a book ago, she was replaced by an immature girl who did not seem to grasp more than, (and let alone), what was right before her.

Characters: Cal was amazing, I really like him and for the 30 total pages or less that the author allowed me to read of him, I was hooked. However, it seemed strange and utterly ludicrous that one would fly a hot babe/warlock out of the country - and to blooming England - just to stick him in a Greenhouse. A true travesty.

I would have known what to do with Cal, and if I found myself so inclined to think of Archer, I would have done so when not with Cal. Being the resident hottie, he was never really there except to be used/abused by Sophie and heal liver-worm infested plants. Boy should have stayed at Hex Hall.

Archer, as always, evoked luke-warm feelings from me. I liked him once, before he was an Eye that is, and I get that I'm supposed to care that he risked what was it again? something for Sophie, but he's shifty and too country-club-esque of a guy for me to devote more than an eyelash worth of attention his way.

Sophie and I disagree on that matter, because all she ever does is Archer-mull and it got tired very fast. Plus she is constantly pointing out how sarcastic she is, which completely defeats the purpose.

Sophie, into the book: Oh my gosh, I am so fantastically sarcastic, I wonder if they got that I was sarcastic?

Sophie mid-way through: I think they did, ooh let me say something else equally "witty", I got them that time! That comment was so deadpan, I outdo myself sometimes, I am so awesome.

*moment of reflection*: Oh Archer, come back to me...I'm sarcastic. Want me, baby. I'll blow you away with my fauxe nonchalance.

That was what being inside her head felt like and I wanted out 96%, while the other 4% I was consequently asleep. It really bombs that this entire work is first person. Shoot.

The other characters, such as her father, the Casnoff's and the wannabe Council could have not existed. Her Dad was okay but largely underdeveloped, the same goes for Nick and Daisy. There could have been something more to them, but Hawkins invested too great of time elsewhere to be concerned at all with the other characters in possession of actual potential.

Also, what was the point in bringing "Vix" to the Council headquarters? The diversion she was designed to create never worked for me because Sophie did not spend much time with her dad other than that breaking and entering incident, and the property vandalism, both of which he carefully planned beforehand. Way to go Daddy!

Plot: Was so crazily predictable that halfway through I knew who the villains were, and just pointing out, hated that Hawkins sacrificed every bit of prior characterization to make a couple twist happen. Why do that at all, I wonder? It was very unreliable on her part because the personality and expectations carved for certain characters came to a complete waste, forgone all for the sake of an ineffective attempt at thrill.

P.A.: Problem areas include poor characterization, blatant inconsistencies, magnanimous repetitiveness and of course, sad predictability; all of which I can believe may be fixed in the following novel. Hopefully.

Oh, but I forgot the cheesiness of the H.S.M. 3-like dialogue. Ohh the horror! I gagged at the "Mercer", "Cross", bits of exchange! W.T.F.?? What was that? Really, what was that?! I watched High School Musical 3 because I love to punish myself, the second one was bearable and I thought (stupidly), that seeing the last one through can't hurt! But, oh it did. Vanessa freaking Hudgens would not end with the "Wildcat" references to Troy, substituting the name of the team he wanted to leave behind for his given birth.


I cringed, I cried, I begged. They didn't let me out of the theatre until the very end and by then the damage was done. I had spasms all through the parts of their "pet-names" during my trek through Demonglass and my eyes now twitch at mere mention of "Mercer." I should see a doctor; I'll book my appointment and while I'm at it, see if possibly there is a disease such as having a forbearance to cheesiness. If so, I have contracted it.

H.M.: Honorable mention goes to no one. I loved Cal and still do, but there was no one truly deserving of the title :*( . It appears it truly takes more than a hunk with soothing powers (literally) to fix a book. Who knew?

So I give this one a 2 and not a three if some of you thought so, I can't do that, not when this book suffers from the curse of the 2nd book. But I will read the third because I want to see this through, and like with H.S.M. 1-3, I am a glutton for punishment.


Review: Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Hourglass by Myra McEntire
My rating: .5 of 5 genies
Published: June 14, 2011
Publisher: Egmont USA
Pages: 387
Source: Library Loan
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary  
One hour to rewrite the past . . . 
For seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole, life is about seeing what isn't there: swooning Southern Belles; soldiers long forgotten; a haunting jazz trio that vanishes in an instant. Plagued by phantoms since her parents' death, she just wants the apparitions to stop so she can be normal. She's tried everything, but the visions keep coming back. So when her well-meaning brother brings in a consultant from a secretive organization called the Hourglass, Emerson's willing to try one last cure. But meeting Michael Weaver may not only change her future, it may change her past.
Who is this dark, mysterious, sympathetic guy, barely older than Emerson herself, who seems to believe every crazy word she says? Why does an electric charge seem to run through the room whenever he's around? And why is he so insistent that he needs her help to prevent a death that never should have happened?

WARNING: This review will not be coherent and most definitely a rage as I am pissed. That is all.

Emerson: A short poem I have composed and to be sung to the tune of ‘Georie Peorgie,’ the first half and at the second half, to ‘Humpty Dumpty’ lies below. The rest of the verse is purely improvised. Mostly.

“Emerson, Emerson, barely foot five
Tried to be spunky and made the kids cry
She terrorized the readers and made them beg, “Emerson, be gone, fowl beast! Stay away!”
Until one day she fell was pushed off the Great Wall of China
And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men…Wait, who was Emerson again?
I can’t hear you over the party.”

Meaning the party for my completion of this novel. Who wouldda thunk I'd finish?

Rating: .5 genies

As you might have gathered, Emerson is a very special person. Throughout the novel this is all I got: 'OOOH… Emerson is so athletic, Emerson is so gorgeous, Emerson is so thoughtful...' Emerson is so freaking perfect. Get me a hand gun, I wanna hunt her down. How I hate Emerson! I never did understand when people raged about Bella, nor had issues with her because at the time I read Twilight I hadn’t yet found a problem with the essentially 'perfect' heroine who gets love, money and everything she wants in the end.

Until I met the pygmy ninja that is Emerson Cole.

Someone please explain to me exactly how that is even possible? Or how the girl can be everything McEntire intends for her to be? She is snarky, but not too snarky, gorgeous, but obliviously unaware of it even when others persist in gushing over her like she’s some prized turkey. The girl is 'damaged' because the death of her parents provides that opening for empathysympathy my footand Emerson is somehow thoughtful as welleven though she does as she wishes regardless of people's warnings or opinions a good 99% of the time. I don't know about you lot, but I demand some credibility!

Characters are not genetic engineered people you can put together, McEntire, they aren’t dollies to be assembled into perfect Bella Swan or Nora Grey wannabes. It never works out well when authors attempt to make their characters essentially perfect, this book being a very apt example of how quickly things can go wrong.

Stuff hits the roof when by halfway into the book, a reader despises most of your characters. There is something very wrong with the animosity I feel for this girl, possibly because I was made to suffer through days in her life for approximately 390 pages.

This is a brief summary of my journey with the book. Notice how quickly my patience diminishes:

Page 1: AW YEAH, new book! New book!
Page 50: Is it just me…or is Emerson annoying as that creepy Fellow Orange down on YouTube land? No, maybe more.
Page 130: Am I done yet?
Page 250: *Rolls eyes at everything*
Page 300: Fires flamethrower, about to aim…
Page 390: Very tempted to gag on book, wondering if I can use the pages as kindling. Must ask library. Winter is coming early this year…

This girl grated on my nerves worse than a freaking Woodpecker on an oak tree. It was all about her and by the end I stopped caring about Emerson and Michael, they could both go jump off a cliff together for all I cared. They were excrutiatingly annoying; the fact that they only ended up together because of attractiveness, and some very big problem in the way neurons in their bodies perceived contact, played a massive role in why I do not give a buck what they do!

Because it was so obvious from the beginning that they would end up together.

It practically screamed at me in the face that Michael and Emerson would be a couple. Even when they had no real chemistry past lightning touch and she was running after him dressed like a hooker. By the way, what was that? It was as if a sudden breach in character happened - the change I'd been praying for since chapters occurring - but not for the good. So what? Emerson has the balls to chase after a guy dressed promiscuously. I do not care! Most of the book was useless information for mescratch that, maybe all of it and the sole reason this novel even got a half genie is Dru.

Dru who selflessly cared for her sister-in-law, Dru who had so much potential as a character. Dru who was so terribly out-staged by Emerson, and mind you, I do not care that she is the protagonist! The romance sucked, the characters so cliched I hardly knew what to do with myself. It was as if McEntire held a sharpie to Twilight and the first half of Breaking Dawn, slashed out all the original character's names and substituted her own with a twist.

Was the scientific aspect interesting? Barely. Before it could ever get in-depth or explained, Emerson would be there to somehow spotlight the attention back to her Michael woes. It is safe to also say that as a collective they were all selfish. After Michael's sacrifice, Kaleb and his dad do not have even the respect to feel bad - they continue on with their life as if he owed them the act. I mean, What the Eff, Man! Not that the two (Kaleb and Michael) ever related as friends in my opinion.

Behind Kaleb's back, Michael would bad-mouth him to Emerson and behind Michael's back, Kaleb made moves on that same girl! Three words gentlemen: Bros before Hoes. That there is grade school knowledge. All their shared history took an enormous backseat to this girl and they forgot all they had been through together! How is that right??

This is precisely why some women should never pen fiction. A real guy and his B.F. would not sacrifice their relationship for some chick! I positively hated the pedestal everyone gave little Miss Emerson, as if she was some Deity! So frustrating. Especially since I never respected her as a character, I could never relate or sympathize, and at first I did feel bad, but then I stopped caring altogether.

Everything irritated me. How she found a connection to Kaleb after knowing him for no more than 5 minutes irritated me. How the world revolves around her far-fetched infatuation with Michael killed me. She tried so hard to make it seem sexy. So very, very hard! And failed.

Failed so hard.

Did I forget to mention?[That the pathetic attempt at making their 'love' seem star-crossed, forbidden and even impossible was so lame.? Yeah, it was. (hide spoiler)]

And you know what? Screw it all! This book deserves a review almost as much as Emerson warranted my time. I'm out!

But before I leave...


And one for the Little Emerson as well? Certainly.

.5/5 genies: I wouldn't recommend this book, to ANYONE. Unless you liked Twilight, then go for it.

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In My Mailbox (1)

And we're rolling...

Hey there! It's Judith here, popping in to share some pretty great news. As most of you know, my blog isn't the most established yet as I am new to the Blogerverse; this post will mark my very first "In My Mailbox!" I am loving having Choice Reads as well as every other aspect associated with book blogging. I love doing this, and thank sincerely every blogger that has been kind enough to help me/make me feel welcome here. You guys are angels, stop hiding your wings, and I appreciate you.

But back to the matter at hand, the meme I will be using today was created by The Story Siren and I am happy to participate because - ahem - I got something in my mailbox yesterday! This is a title that has been on my to-read list since the beginning of this year and when the package from The Book Depository rolled in I gave a very girlish squeal and embarrassingly hopped over the place like Channing Tatum was standing at my door with flowers. I pity my brothers because they had to witness that odd display of insanity, but they got over it and I have faith that the same can be expected of you guys too!

But moving on, on to what I got in the mail...

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers finally arrived and I'm all kinds of mad-glad that not only do I get to read this book soon, but I freaking own it! Ha, there are a couple items on my currently-reading shelf pending as well as some books on my kindle, Tookie, but this is definitely up there! I'm in the middle of three books at the moment:

1.) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

2.) A Million Suns by Beth Revis

3.) Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

I am pretty much half-way through with all of them and should be done Rules of Attraction this evening. So far, I love Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone and am very much dying to get my hands back on it as soon as the first two I mentioned are through. The book itself is beautiful - Daughter of Smoke and Bone - but the thing is, the others are library loans and are wanted back pretty soon. Having them out of the way first and then moving on to Laini Taylor makes more sense to me, so I will get back to reading so that more reviews and In My Mailbox's will be ready to go up in the very near future!

By the way, what are you loving this week, receive anything new? I'd love to hear about it!


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Review: The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard
My rating: 3 of 5 genies
Published: December 7, 2010
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 307
Source: Library Loan
Format: Paperback
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary
I had a life anyone would kill for. Then someone did.

I may not remember much, but I know I led a charmed life. Even in death I’m getting something no one else does: an encore performance, thanks to Emma, the long-lost twin sister I never got to meet. Now, in order to figure out what happened to me, Emma needs to become me. But can she laugh at inside jokes with my best friends? Convince my boyfriend she’s the girl he fell in love with? Hug my parents good night like she’s their daughter? And can she keep up the charade even after she realizes my murderer is watching her every move?

Let the lying game begin.

My Thoughts

Recently, I finished reading "The Lying Game" by Sara Shepard. Although it wasn't an overly profound book, the concept of a murdered girl watching on as her long lost twin tried to unravel the mystery of her untimely death really intrigued me. Parts of The Lying Game actually remind me quite a bit of the Pretty Little Liars series, also by this author, because of the social hierarchy/ group dynamics between Sutton and her friends being as they are. Very easily, I picture Sutton giving Alison DiLaurentis a good run for her money; I will say this only once, she was almost "Ali-crazy." Sutton dominates and Mads and Char are her formidable sidekicks; it would be Alison all over again if the Liars weren't the least bit likeable. Char and Mads are different characters from Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily mainly because they hit back; Sutton runs the show but her friends have their hands in there too, controlling almost fair share of the power. I did not like them as much.

Char was so vindictive and catty! It is sad because she's my favourite character in the ABC Family adaptation, and to see her undergo such a vicious change was very disheartening, this is one facet of the book to screen translation which did not pan out well. Despite obvious differences, in ABC's version, everyone knows everyone and the drama is unnecessarily always through the roof! The departure from said antics is a welcomed relief, and I like not having to deal with all these complications/bitchy Sutton. By all means, I am not obnoxious enough to believe that if a book becomes adapted into a movie or TV show, the characters must look exactly the same, no, I only appreciate it when they look similar to what I have envisioned. However, the changes I alluded to are noticeable and the story-line estranged from the original to the point that a part of me cannot help but think, what is the purpose in keeping the name of the original, and that of the characters too, if you will only butcher them?

Char in the Book: she's sore at Sutton for something the girl did, and let's just say, she is most definitely a suspect in this murder. In comparison, Charlotte in the show is so sweet and she couldn't hurt a fly. The show is such a stretch from the book, Sutton isn't even dead! She is manipulative, selfish, and alive as Emma; the race is close between the two and that which I like best, but I actually prefer the book. Even though Char's likability is sacrificed, there is something to be desired by the much simpler run of things.

Next on the List...

Ethan , the very deep boy next door, also undergoes a change. Instead of the "bad-boy" character television makes him out to be, Ethan likes deep poetry, keeping to himself and for some reason, being guarded about his feelings is a must for him. Even his last name is different.

These minor changes aside, I do not think complaining about a show already 20 episodes in will get me anywhere, the story eventually plays out. It becomes known to Emma that Sutton was indeed murdered and most likely by someone closest to her - her friends. I wasn't really surprised by this, partly because they strike me as "fake friends" more than true BFFs. These girls (Sutton, Charlotte, Madeline) partake in "The Lying Game" which is basically an on-going competition to see who can fool each other the best; each prank is worse than the one before it, basically think of a Chucky the Clown's version of April Fools with no expiry date on the crazy. Maybe it's a good thing that their antics don't leave me amused in the slightest - I'd be worried if they did - but their games are cruel and warped in a way that pretty much set my blood running a tad bit chill. The girls are "friends" but do not ever really act like it. I do not understand their relationship, because it seems pointless to me befriending people who you constantly need to be watching your back around. Then again, maybe I am just not rich enough?

Eh, it doesn't matter, I could do without friends of this sort. I pity poor Emma, she walks into this lifestyle after her seedy foster-brother, Travis, basically gets her kicked out; having nowhere else to go Emma tracks down the girl in the video remarkably similar to herself and stumbles on Sutton Mercer's life, and the sister she never knew she had. Too bad Sutton's no longer there and her killer wants Emma to act like her sister so the disappearance goes unnoticed. Once again, Shepard has a way with mystery and in this instalment her she is in her element; the other novels in this series are literally calling my name. I want to know who killed Sutton.

I feel like there are so many possible offenders, Sutton is disliked enough, how is it that only one person has killed her? I feel like it should have been a Facebook event:

Event Deets: Operation Kill the Bitch (Sutton)

Probably the one you've been waiting for, for forever.
Meeting Place: Char's house, BYOP (Bring Your Own Pitchfork)
RSVP ASAP, she only dies once!

Yeah, I'd drink to that.

*Sigh* Emma really has her hands full, she isn't nearly as shrewd as her twin and pretty much breaks down at every turn in the book. She does come across as considerably weak, in my opinion, because if I knew for certain that there was some crazy psychopath responsible for the murder of my twin lurking close, I would go Batman on their ass! It makes no sense to cower in fear. This person wants you dead; they have killed your sister. Grow some balls, woman!

Eeesh. Hopefully Emma expands into more of a protagonist. I am a little confused as to who exactly is running the show when it comes to narration in this book as there were instances when Sutton overshadowed Emma. At this point, she is the more dynamic twin! And I hate Sutton.

I'm waiting, Emma, make me love you! I am still holding out hope.

Fingers crossed, maybe this girl will do a 180 and surprise me, after all, she did walk into a pretty gargantuan mess with her only normal family being cruelly stripped away, she had a lot to take in. I'm still hoping she defines herself soon; a lot of the time it was like everything was about Sutton and Emma got lost along the way. If the two of them are protagonists, the attention should be equally shared.

Shepard mysteries are becoming a guilty pleasure. I love that there is always a certain air of aristocracy and upper-class to her stories although I felt it less in The Lying Game than Pretty Little Liars. The Mercer's are rich, I just didn't think they were that rich, if that makes sense? Either way, I have the distinct feeling Sutton probably hates me now for dissing her lifestyle, personality and friends. But who really cares?!? Sutton's dead.

It was worth the read, give it a try! 3/5 genies.


Review: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
My rating: 3 of 5 genies
Published: October 19, 2010
Publisher: Philomel
Pages: 452
Source: Library Loan
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary

Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she’ll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters’ laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything - including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?

My Thoughts

Calla was an animal, literally, and I really liked her a lot by the end of the book, which is way more than I thought I would at the beginning. She is raised from a generation of shape shifters bred to believe their sole duty in life is protecting the Keepers, powerful witches that can either make life good for her people or very unpleasant. One day she saves a very studly hiker, the first of many rules in her world to be broken, but never expects to see him again.
Until he enrols in her school, that is. That, I believe, is the very beginning of Calla’s problems. Oh, and did I mention she’s engaged to a very smoldering alpha male, Ren? Oops.

Nightshade was thrilling and I enjoyed it because of how easy the book was to read. Was it perfect? Nah, I had some qualms:

Characters: I give props immediately to Cremer for how excellently all her leads and minors were developed, she did a great job. Everyone from Ansel all the way down to Bosque, whom we hardly even see, was so strongly endowed in their characters; I had no choice but to be impressed.

Calla was an excellent alpha, she knew how to keep her pack in line and I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult controlling a group of teenagers, especially your friends authoritatively must be. No one would want to bow down, despite the fact they were raised knowing when to, and keeping them in line could only be quite the task. She rose up to the challenge, always considering their needs first and ready to sacrifice for their futures.

As a protagonist she was engaging and intelligent to follow, as a teenage girl? Not so much.

My biggest pet peeve about her had to be that she felt drawn to both guys. She would kiss Shay, and then kiss Ren, but then kiss Shay again even though Ren was trying his best to keep them together. Her body reacted to them equally and at the end when she runs away? Calla still wants to stay back in Ren’s arms even though a confession happened only minutes before with her and Shay.


Don’t be greedy, Calla share the hot men! She wanted them all to herself and enjoyed too much the attention from both. It was hard to keep up. I get the need for mystery when it comes to who in the end she will end up with, but seriously? Don’t burn the flipping love-triangle with her lust and Do Not make her so weak she cannot stick to one man! That bothered me, that Calla would be so confident and wise in so many other areas and foolish in this one.

“But the heart makes people do stupid things…”

B.S.! Tell your body to pick a man and stick with him! Watching her melt to them both was only confusing for the reader. I agree that Ren and Shay have each their plus points - in Ren’s case, many - and how hard choosing between the sexy beast and passionate nerd can be. They were delicious and exciting to witness interacting and once I got into the novel I really fell in love.

With Ren. Not entirely sure how I feel about Shay yet, but Ren? Totally in love. He has that whole 'damaged and misunderstood' thing going for him and I like. Very Much.

Please understand what a progression this is for me, because at the beginning it was hard enough figuring out why teenagers were acting more like wolves than people.

Eat deer.

This is normal right?


Enough said.

Setting: Vail (is that the name?) Could not have been better. So maybe I can't recall the place exactly at the moment, but it was mysterious and very woodsy, extremely easy to loose yourself in. I adored reading it and would visit. If I could. It also provided the perfect backdrop to the war between Searchers, Keepers, and Guardians, especially since the battle was pretty sham-smacking amazing.

I also feel compelled to mention Wraiths. Wraiths were so essential to the whole backdrop mainly because they were creepy shadow guardians that well, stayed mostly in the shadows. Did I mention those things are really creepy?

Oh, I did?

Good. Moving On. I will not ruin the surprise, and you all can pick up a copy and judge for yourselves the general creepiness of these shadow creatures. Who knows, maybe terrifying torture-beasts only make me queasy. I could be the weird one.


What I didn't like: Probably besides the whole Calla being goo-goo eyes for both stud-muffins, had to be the fact that it essentially was so hard to get into. Not the writing, that was great and engaging, but I have read few - if any - shape-shifter books. That people are both animal and human is hard to digest and for the longest time (about 1/3 of the novel) it felt like they were more wolves than anything else.

I mean, 'Growl, Hiss, Snap,' anyone? It took me some time to warm up to the idea. But the point is I eventually settled into this world and by the end honestly enjoyed it. Initially I thought of giving up because of how alienated I felt, but then I finished the Hourglass some days before and figured this really couldn't be any worse. Make sure to check out that review for some very colorful language...Kidding! Just kidding folks, but the point is: I really am glad I kept at it.

Overall: I'd say to give this book a chance and resist the urge to bolt if the first 130ish pages are strange to ease into. Trust me, it really grows on you and I'm looking forward to some more Yummy Ren in Wolfsbane!

3/5 genies: While there were minor issues, this was not a bad book. Recommended to those interested in the YA Shapeshifter genre!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
My rating: 3 of 5 genies
Published: March 2, 2010
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Pages: 336
Source: Library Loan
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary

Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father--an elusive European warlock--only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.
By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire student on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.

As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.

My Thoughts

A three genie rating usually equates to an average reading experience, but the book's state of mild-mediocracy is not the only reason why I have given Hex Hall 3 genies. It was really a culmination of a multitude of things I did not like, and mainly because this novel had me split so half and half. There were parts at the beginning where it was spine-slitting hilarious; I loved the prom, but then other sections like closer to the end for instance where it got seriously weird. When it came to rating, I felt very conflicted.

Sophie has a very distinct voice, opinionated, funny and spunky. She is very likable and easy to relate to. But she fell a little inconsistent at times with her emotions. I get that teens at that age are unsure, but I do wish there had been a little more depth.

It bothered me that all the really profound parts of the book which should have actually occurred were rather summarized instead; like when she (Sophie) reads in the library we are just told this happens rather than there being an actually scene for it. Also, Sophie seems very occupied swooning over Archer to really care that say, she is in a new state and house. She's moved a ton of times, big whoop, so have I! I still feel weird adjusting to new environments and people, and things do appear distinct; whereas at Hecate I got the impression that she had seen it all before. Not a good way for a reader to feel, but to be fair that only happened at certain parts. The fact that she had a brain for the majority of the book greatly contributed to the 3 genies on this review, so there, good going Hawkins.

Another thing that bothered me was how casual sex seemed to be taken. It is kind of implied that Jenna got it on with Amanda, while Elodie and Sophie were each respectively prepared to get it on with Archer. And all these girls are a little over 15.


Seriously, so sex doesn't matter? Is that what you wanted to say, Hawkins because that is exactly how it came across. I am way past 15 and will be an adult shortly, you do not see me staging ways to lose my V card!! I do not want to begin imagining the teenagers or preteens who will pick up this book or their understanding of something as private as sex after reading certain scenes as I have! It wasn't necessarily bad that there was sex mentioned in the book as much as how lightly sex itself was perceived. [Like when Sophie tells Jenna about Elodie's V-card losing plans, they laugh that she says she will give herself to him, unable to understand why she doesn't just say sex. (hide spoiler)]

Why is it that way? Why would someone even write it in that light, especially after knowing the audience? It bothered me. And I do not care that the youth are experienced or that there are teen moms popping up every day, it shouldn't be encouraged. I will not dwell on it further, but it is something to consider; kids are extremely impressionable and if anyone should know that, it would be a teacher, who works with them every day and whose job it is to leave impressionable difference (positive) on their lives. Like the kind Hawkins is supposed to be.

My favorite characters were Cal and the headmistress. I wish there had been a little more of those two, and I'm definitely reading 'Demonglass' for them! I didn't like Jenna per say, I felt bad for her, but not really. She wasn't someone I warmed up to, possibly because she technically chose to be a vampire and then proceeds to hate the way people perceive her kind! The race known for blood-draining millions and leaving them for dead, the persecuted walkers of the night. Yeah, okay.

*Rolls eyes*

Um, people hate vampires...and witches...and werewolves...amd zombies. Should have thought that through, Jenna!

The only thing I hated was the predictability of the novel, it was a tad too formulaic. Also I disliked what happened with Archer because there is still so much more to that character it seems! I also wished Sophie spent more time with Cal...I do love my lumberjacks! He seems a great fit for heror meand I want more out of this character.

So, other than a few choppy lines, the overall plot is decent and definitely more than bearable. Keep in mind what I said about sex, but it wasn't a bad book.

Don't forget to share some love, comment!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 genies
Published: October 31, 2008
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Pages: 374
Source: Stolen from my Sister
Format: Hardcover
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary
Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone out to make sure you don't live to see the morning? In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her sister’s place in the Games. But Katniss has been close to dead before—and survival, for her, is second nature. Without really meaning to, she becomes a contender. But if she is to win, she will have to start making choices that will weigh survival against humanity and life against love.


There are two very urgent things I must address, well three if you count this:


It is fantastic! Like hoy-grail good. Dang, was it good!

Collins has pretty much blown away much of what was my brain with her awesomeness; that said, I will need a few days to recover.

And I guess thirdly: most probably if you are on this page news of the upcoming movie to this book has reached you. If not? SURPRISE!!! It comes out soon. And if you are anything like me, you're probably searching for some general consensus for The Hunger Games. Well, you want to know what I think?!

You really need to get this.

Not even kidding, grab a copy before the movie hits theatres, now. I don't care how hot the guy they got for Peeta is even though he is smoking F.I.N.E. or that Katniss's Katnip's character is spot on appearance-wise. Usually movies suck, that's just the way it is, and I would hate for any part of this wonderful series to be marred forever Like Twilight by some overshot piece of production designed strictly for the sake of the acquisition of money.

The directors do not care that you get a general feel for who the character is, who the authors intended for them to be, or their motivations; instead all they need to do is make something beloved enough to merit a film, fit in an hour thirty/two hour time frame. How many times has plot been sacrificed for the sake of simply creating the visual, mainly for profit? Personally, I wouldn't risk it.

Admittedly it can be annoying hearing how great this series is, over and over again and especially if you're one usually to go against the tide. However, if you happen to be even the littlest bit curious I encourage fully the reading of The Hunger Games. You will not be sorry; there is sufficient amount of adventure, well developed characters and plot to keep anyone interested, not to mention the pages turning! At least give it a try so when the movie comes out, you'll know what to compare it to: something so incredible that millions of people are raving!

Read the book for you. And also so we can gush about it later and together.

Full review to come soon...


January 17, 2012

I'm weird in a sense, I like having everything done in one sitting - the review, that is - I often forget to come back. Fortunately as of late it is almost impossible to escape The Hunger Games. Hence why I returned, that and my love for this site/reviewing, of course!

And speaking of which? My reviews will never be conventional. Go ahead and slap yourself if this was what you believed; why would you think that? I have an unusual affinity for the oddities of life and I very much enjoy entertaining others as well as myself.

But you know what really entertains me, makes me giggle? gif's. Funny ones, silly ones and the very best kind, the Kitty's!!And hot men.

So. What. If it isn't an outline step-by-step guide to the internal workings of the novel read? As long as it makes sense and are my opinions expressed, by pure virtue of the fact, those comments/snippets/ramblings qualify as reviews.

I don't write for journals. I don't write to make this huge deal about a book, promoting or demoting the literature, and I most definitely do not own a blog; it is purely fun, I don't care that my thoughts are random at times, I'm random in real life too. Because I'm weird, and that's allowed.

No one has the right to turn up their snouts to the structure of said reviews because they don't have strict thesis and conclusions. You want thesis's maybe even a university-level conclusion? Pay Up. Because let's face it, I get nadda for expressing my reviews but the pure satisfaction of having been heard. Unless some might count the recent crap from authors who don't justify random scribblings as reviews, but that's just bull.


Apparently not...

I persist because I love what I do. This is why whatever nonsense people spout does not bother me, because there is a bigger picture and I cannot possibly imagine not opening my mouth and essentially sharing my views with anyone who will listen. Cheers to that?

A Summary

Basically, this book has strong scores in all elements; from Setting to Plot and Character development it was stellar as a whole, hence the solid 5 genie rating in all. I enjoyed very much the concept behind the Hunger Games and the desperation these people from the seam live with on a daily basis is shattering. It made me wonder over and over again why they did not just rebel. In fact, the only time I felt a kinship to Gale was when it was revealed that he grew fed up with the way things were also and wanted better for himself. Thank goodness for one person with insight and the guts to actually contemplate busting up the system! District 13 was annihilated because of their rebellion, but honestly? The life they live at present isn't much better!

The games are brutal and they are an unfair way to punish people, keeping them entrapped in an essential dictatorship. I hate president Snow.

And as for Katniss, she will always be Katnip in my mind, that is just what she sounds like, even Collins made note of that. I refuse to spell it with a 'C' It will be Katnip or no 'nip' at all! *Laughs evilly* And Peeta! (Anyone else can't help but say his name in a jacked up British accent? Yeah, me too.) Peeta was freaking adorable!!! I'm serious whenever I thought of him I just went, Aw! He is such a genuine character and quite honestly, I got sick and tired of Katniss not seeing how madly in love he really was with her. Get it together, girl! The boy's kind, fine, bakes bread - STAY IN THE KITCHEN, BOY - and he does whatever you want him to, essentially? What is your deal??

Peeta was like:


And then like this sometimes:


And all he got from Katniss was this:


Nadda. [And a few fake kisses, but who's counting really? (hide spoiler)]

Don't get me wrong, I get that this is a life or death scenario, only one person can live, but Peeta never once acted as shrewdly as Katniss did in the arena. Maybe that makes her a stronger competitor even, but she was not so often a girl to me. She provided for her family, was intelligent enough to survive even the most trying of circumstances, compassionate to some extent but not female enough. I'd like to see her become more feminine but still maintain her individualism because woman can be vulnerable but determined as well.

I admire her strength and determination to persevere, she has my respect, and yet she let me down because she never really understood herself too well. The story is told from her point of view and Katniss could, to an extent, at least divulge what everyone else was thinking, but when it came to herself? Not quite as easy the job... I'm invested into seeing this character grow, she's talented and driven and there is so much potential. Don't fail me, Katnip!

The society isn't one I'd ever want to live in nor wish onto my worst enemy, this dystopian is so complicated...It has complicated me in return and I just know that having the sequel isn't an option, it's a necessity.

That's not all, Folks! Don't forget to comment :)


Review: Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol
My rating: 4 of 5 genies
Published: June 7, 2011
Publisher: First Second
Pages: 224
Source: I won this! Received through Goodreads FirstReads
Format: Paperback
Purchase At: The or

Goodreads Summary 
Anya could really use a friend. But her new BFF isn't kidding about the "Forever" part... Of all the things Anya expected to find at the bottom of an old well, a new friend was not one of them. Especially not a new friend who’s been dead for a century. Falling down a well is bad enough, but Anya's normal life might actually be worse. She's embarrassed by her family, self-conscious about her body, and she's pretty much given up on fitting in at school. A new friend—even a ghost—is just what she needs. Or so she thinks. Spooky, sardonic, and secretly sincere, Anya's Ghostis a wonderfully entertaining debut from author/artist Vera Brosgol.

My Thoughts

Note: This title was received through Goodreads's First Reads system and I am incredibly grateful!! I am not being paid for the review and did not purchase this book.


Haha, did I scare you? Nope? Well, I didn't think so. Anya's Ghost is a great read that really exemplifies character change and significant growth. It is also, as you might have guessed, a story about a ghost. Not the friendly kind either, more like the crazy in the head variety that make Kitty go "Meeeooow!" and not in a good way.

She did crazy things.

And was crazy in general.

She also tried making Anya do whatever she wanted.

Shoot, that ghost freaked me out closer to the end! Not Anna Dressed in Blood freaky but enough so that I turned my head to the side and was like..."What the fuuuu?!" Emily, as she is called, is not what you'd initially think; or maybe she is, and I'm just not very good at guessing. I had my doubts about her and knew her story had to be a little off when she started being forceful, but still she's a creepy one, that Emily.

Anya is a different story. At the beginning I didn't really like her because she isn't proud of her heritage. Earlier in the book I kept wishing that she would appreciate her family more! Her mother is so kind - a single parent - and very attentive/loving of both children, and her brother Sasha is drawn with the cutest eyes ever!!

The art is extremely gorgeous, by the way, my sister couldn't help grabbing it and flipping through. She's an artist too, and also very hard to impress usually.

Every panel is drawn very well and it makes sense to me why Neil Gaiman would call the whole thing "A masterpiece!" I'm impressed, but the fantastic illustration was only a part of why I couldn't put Anya's Ghost down; the story also flows really well. The way it is written feels so authentic to the genre and Brosgol doesn't go easy on anything; she makes Anya relate-able but also selfish in that she's very insecure of herself and isn't very accepting of her heritage. [The girl even changes her last name to 'Brown' so people don't stumble over the real doosy, 'Borzakovskaya' which is really her last name! (hide spoiler)]

Anya wants that which most high school students aspire, that is to be popular. She wants to be noticed by the right crowd and even date Sean, the hot guy to be. Her interactions with Dima - the other Russian immigrate - broke my heart because he was so cute!!! Like most everyone Anya isn't very nice to Dima and that really didn't help me in the whole liking her department; I'm glad she straightened up by the end, though.

She just wants to be normal and I got that, Emily makes it seem as though she can offer her that but it doesn't go so well and by the end Anya really has to re-evaluate priorities and attitude; it was great fun and very realistic.


Ultimately having Emily around proves a real life lesson for Anya and by the end she's undergone a full 180 character-wise. This book was fun, beautiful and entertaining! Anya's sense of humour was contagious and even though she could be a little angsty at times the girl really made me laugh! The dynamics in relationships are proportionate and by my standards, Brosgol has done an excellent job.

Bare in mind that this review does come a little late as I received my copy of Anya's Ghost near the end of last year and really only had time to review now. This does not mean the book lacked in any manner, but my life really isn't very free right now and hence, I couldn't type something up until now. I'M SO EXCITED THAT I WON SOMETHING!!!!!!

*Ahem* What are you waiting for? Didn't I convince you? You should read this! A solid 4/5 genies.


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Review: Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
My rating: 5 of 5 genies
Published: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 454
Source: Purchased 
Format: Paperback
Purchase At: The or

What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences?This is the reality for sons and daughters of fallen angels.
Tenderhearted Southern girl Anna Whitt was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She’s aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but Anna, the ultimate good girl, has always had the advantage of her angel side to balance the darkness within. It isn’t until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage and her willpower is put to the test. He’s the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna. Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

My Thoughts

This book blew my mind, a definite favorite, I cannot imagine ever not reading this! I encourage everyone appropriate - there is sensuality, be mindful of that - to pick Ms. Higgins stunning debut up! Rest assured that Sweet Evil is not a debut to be missed!! This is a good book. Actually, correction, this is a great book. This is the book that blows minds all over the place. My congratulations to Ms. Higgins, your debut is officially hot shiz.

Moving On...

What can I say of this experience? Well, I literally sat there on my bed moments after finishing Sweet Evil thinking, "Smokes! What do I do now?" Because I kept flipping the book looking for more story and pages, and there was none! My reading heart begged for more; the ending, and that it happened at all, quite frankly upset me. It never should have come, really, a "Never Ending Story" would have been the way to go. WHABAM!

neverending story Pictures, Images and Photos

The plot was engaging and the concept so original that to date, I often catch myself thinking back to the book on particular occasions. For example: these children of the fallen basically have to be bad influences to guarantee their worth, and thus they encourage others to be naughty too. So, say this is me during the day and I want a second ice-cream sandwich after finishing the first, all I have to do to discourage myself is think back to what happened when that girl overindulged in Sweet Evil and my appetite disappears! Weird, I know, but this is the way my mind works, apparently. I am losing weight because of you, Higgins!

0 - Yatta! Pictures, Images and Photos

And speaking of weight loss, you know who didn't need to lose weight? Kaidan, because the boy was F.I.N.E. all on his own, Anna was pretty great too. I adored all of the side-characters. They all had this round quality to them that made each and every one endearingly real somehow. Like when they would actually work - these kids take their jobs of screwing over everyone else super seriously - you don't end up blaming them, due to their unfortunate parenting, it really is a misfortune. Granted, some actually do enjoy their evil deeds but in regards to Blake, Mara, Ginger and Kapano, you understand largely that they are compelled to do bad things and think of themselves as less than even human. Life stinks, or at least for these poor kids it does.

I felt Kaidan's pain especially and understood predominantly from him how hard of a struggle they all must face every day. The thing that cannot be faulted about his and Anna's relationship is that he did care for her, he loved the girl so much that he couldn't be around her without asking basically for some kind of Underworld death sentence. It's still in the early stages, but these two, Anna and Kaidan, are rockstars together. However, the romance did not overshadow the story - thankfully - and Higgins does convey a convincing plot as well as setting.

My heart was one big mess, and I couldn't help feeling compassionate towards people and their circumstance, mainly because Anna Whitt is so sweet and kind; imagine reading a story told through her perspective - the kind of person who reads emotions and feelings/intent - and then try truly hating anyone...Not possible. She just has this heart and character that makes me all warm on the inside. I love you, Anna. Her eventual relationship with her dad was adorable too, the way they find a way of meeting just warms me to the core, and seeing both of them in the next book ranks top on my list of 'most-anticipated.'

Closing Words

I pre-ordered my copy and am very pleased with the decision. You know when you have expectations for something and you pray that they are at least partially met? Well, mine were exceeded, nothing disappointed me. The only sad thing? The wait time until the next book. Hit me baby!

**Disclosure: Book summaries were taken from Goodreads, thanks!**


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Those books received from Authors and Publishers will be stated clearly as such, as will the ones purchased by myself. There is no shady business going on; no coercion, bribery or compensation has or will ever be received in exchange for any reviews. These thoughts are mine, wacky as they may be, and my honest opinion is all you can truly expect. Still reading? You should be off checking out those awesome reviews ;)