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- My name is Judith-Pamela and I am a 21 year old book blogger with a massive reading addiction :) The fact is that while some people prepare for the upcoming zombie apocalypse by buying lots of canned goods, or stacking up on the firearms; I buy books, because there is no way this brain is going down without a fight!

- Choice Reads was launched on April 8, 2012 no time like the supposed near-end of the world to start a book blog, amiright? Most people I know describe me as eccentric, opinionated, and yes, fairly shy. You would think eccentric and shy don't make sense together, but as I warm up to you the more crazy I become, so the shyness is fleeting.

- I am a fourth year university student working on my 4-year BA. I love books, romance and Jesus is the best. As for those of you wondering, no I do not thump Bibles, that would be rude.

- I try to make my reviews as honest, and hopefully funny, as possible. Expect lots of gifs, raving/ranting and possibly gushing. You may think that there is no way I can be this crazy. Think again.

- I am a movie and television BUFF. I love engrossing myself in film and falling in love with the characters on screen, almost as much as I do with my literary ones. Also if you have anime and manga to offer me, I will love you. Forever.

- The classics are a favourite of mine, specifically these three: North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The men in these novels are the standard by which all others will be judged. Prepare yourselves.

- Reading is my favourite :) You know how people say, "oh yeah, that's my favourite?" well reading is my FAVOURITE, favourite. If I have nothing else to do, I'm in my room reading. *waves good-bye to social life*

- I was breastfed Disney from a very young age. Is Disney responsible for the way I turned out, you ask? Very Likely.

- I have a polyvore page and besides blogging/reading and going to school, I design fashion sets. The dream is to one day do promotional sets for Marc Jacobs or Allen B, my all-time favourite designers. A girl can dream, right? This is relevant because I sometimes make fashion sets based on the really good books I read! I design outfits that I think the characters from said books would wear.

- Last but not least, I want to be a writer. Truly, blogging is the best thing that could happen to me because I get to interact with great authors, many of whom are huge inspirations. I've been working on my book for a while now, and once it is published, I would love to try my hand at children's fiction. Yes, I will touch the minds of the next generation! No, I haven't been banned from that yet :P

-Overall, just know that I love to laugh and make people laugh. I love my readers, they mean the world to me and I'm thrilled that people would read my reviews. It makes  it all worthwhile. My family means the world to me, and when I find good friends I treasure them forever.

Meet Tookie

Tookie Facts:

- Tookie-Peregrine Fisher is my three year old kindle :) She was a gift for my 18 birthday, and we've been in love ever since!
- Her mouth is sassy and wide, sometimes she gets out of hand, but she's the best Kindle a girl could ask for. Except maybe a Paper-White. Because, really, who can compete with something that glows!? Sorry, Tookie!
- She has about 681 items, and counting. I stock her up whenever I can and she's there for me when the world is not nearly as interesting. 
- She loves television, Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, the works. Read this post for more. 
- She has a mad crush on Daemon and Kaidan from the YA universe and will kill me 20 different ways for telling you. Say what?
- Her favourite thing to do is to be read. Like for reals, this girl loves being held. If you have books that would like Tookie to read, check out my policy page before contacting me, and I will let the two of you get better acquainted ;) 
- She likes long walks on the beach while sipping diet Pepsi and munching on Pizza. Kidding! She'd much rather prefer coke :P

I think that's it! Anything else you need should be easily found on my Policy page, or gained through further contact with me. There is more of an official introduction to Tookie here so check that out if it interests you. Stay a while, become a follower and stay awesome.

Love you lots!


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The Truth And Nothing BUT...

Going by FTC guidelines, allow me to point out that all the novels reviewed on this blog were either bought by me, or given by an author or publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Those books received from Authors and Publishers will be stated clearly as such, as will the ones purchased by myself. There is no shady business going on; no coercion, bribery or compensation has or will ever be received in exchange for any reviews. These thoughts are mine, wacky as they may be, and my honest opinion is all you can truly expect. Still reading? You should be off checking out those awesome reviews ;)