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 Welcome to Choice Reads if you haven't been greeted somewhere along the line already, I am happy to have you :) My blog sports a few memes, two of its own - "Fiction into Fashion" and "In Lately News" (I'll explain those below) - and the others such as "Teaser Tuesday" are from different blogs. You might recognize Stacking the Shelves from Tynga's Reviews and Waiting on Wednesday from Jill @ Breaking the Spine

 I spend a lot of time (usually) on fashion/fashion sites, so getting an account on Polyvore was an excellent decision for me. Fiction into Fashion is basically me taking a book post reading and creating a fashion set based on the novel as well as the things that particularly stood out to me. This is a lot of fun to do! Please do not copy the sets, they are original and you could probably make something better yourself. Don't forget to tell me what you think ;)

**A meme where I share some of the stunning new releases of the week/month, check back to see  what's coming out.**

I look forward to sharing with all of you!


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