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Blog Blitz: As Is by Rachel Michael Arends

As Is by Rachel Michael Arends
My rating: 3 of 5 genies
Published: May 13, 2014
Series: N/A
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Diversion Books
Pages: 203
Format: eBook
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Goodreads Summary

Gwendolyn Golden and Armand Leopold have been America’s go-to couple for home decorating tips, letting the cameras into their So Perfect house, their So Perfect life, their So Perfect marriage.

One problem: it’s all an act.

Actually, two problems: America just found out it’s all an act.

When a picture of Armand kissing another man hits the newsstands, everyone knows the jig is up. Both are evicted from their home and eviscerated by the press. While Armand deals with his very private life becoming very public, Gwen Golden returns home to Riveredge, a quiet town where her sick father, her angry sister, and the guy who got away still live.

After years of pretending, Gwen has to rebuild her life for real. But while turning a new house into a home, and starting the next chapter of her life will be tough, reconnecting with the man she once loved may prove to be the most difficult of all.

With humor and charm to burn, Rachel Michael Arends has written a beautiful novel of rekindled romance, home improvement, and how only the truth can really set you free

My Review

**FTC disclosure: A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. Thank-you.**

The book starts with a typical day on the So Perfect set for Gwen and Armand, but through a chain of events their lives are turned upside down. Their relationship is a ruse, as can be gathered from the summary, and the two are found out when Armand is pictured kissing another man. The media gets a hold of this and everything pretty much crumbles as both Gwen and Armand lose the comfort of their easy lifestyles and are forced to consider the events and life choices responsible for leading them to where they are in the first place. Throw in a cast of entertaining characters and a few twists and you have a great read!

This is a sweet book with honest characters and a story that feels real. The author does a good job of showing the rippling effect that one decision can have on multiple lives and also how lost love can be rekindled. I liked the Strength Smith displayed and how despite all he had been through he stood on his own two feet and didn't accept unnecessary sympathy from anyone around him. Gwen is in a bit of a pickle when she runs into Smith, but even so she was a likable character who just seemed lost and overwhelmed with the turn of events. She's very unassuming and the kind of person who takes life as it comes. Together Smith and Gwen share a sweet relationship and I got the sense that they cared a lot about each other, he and she were in love while still being close friends with one another. I liked them together and their scenes were the best part of this novel. Their chemistry was sweet and easy and I enjoyed how they fit together.

All in all I think As Is will appeal to readers looking for something touching and easy to read. 3 stars!

3 Genies: A breezy and light read that entertains!

Rachel Michael Arends lives in Cary, North Carolina, with her husband and three children, including twins. She has been a public library director, a corporate consultant, and she silently co-owns a successful software firm.
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New Design!

Hi All!

I know, call me the worst blogger on the planet. I haven't reviewed/posted in months and trust me, it has been a struggle not to, but I'm finally able to post again! I've missed you all and apologize for my impromptu hiatus as well as for partly dropping off the map. As I'm sure you've noticed the site looks a little different...okay, so a LOT different, in a really good way, and that has to do with the recent redesign done by Lea from Lea Christine Designs. She pretty much pimped out my blog, and if I do say so myself, did a spankin' good job! I am so in love with everything, she captured what I had in mind for the site perfectly and was just an overall delight to work with. Love you Lea, and thanks for your hard work!!

 photo Owl1_zpsc80c4901.gif
And the site is Pimpin'!

Haha I couldn't resist. Basically though, expect more posts and reviews because this summer is all about reading. I want to get back to the books I'm interested in so this might mean that a limited number of review requests will be accepted, but the whole point of my having this site was so that I could post about the books that interest me. I have so many novels on my wishlist, I'm dying to read them before anything else. So yes, my focus will be on reviews and getting through many of the books I couldn't read earlier. I will do Fiction into Fashion posts and some installments of Waiting on Wednesday, but expect the craziness of review to return in full force.

I have a new look and am taking a new direction with things, I would be delighted if you all came along with me for the ride. Talk to you later ;)

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Those books received from Authors and Publishers will be stated clearly as such, as will the ones purchased by myself. There is no shady business going on; no coercion, bribery or compensation has or will ever be received in exchange for any reviews. These thoughts are mine, wacky as they may be, and my honest opinion is all you can truly expect. Still reading? You should be off checking out those awesome reviews ;)