Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (6) : Supernatural Boys and Mystic Lands

**"Stacking the Shelves" is run by Tynga @ Tynga's Book Reviews and I'm linking up with some of the great books I found this week.**

Hey Guys!

First things first, if you haven't entered or heard about the Giveaway, you should probably click the link here, and get your butts geared and ready to participate. I'm giving away some stellar New Adult reads and one winner gets whichever of their choice. It's an ebook giveaway, so make sure you have a Kindle or Nook to receive the prize through. Otherwise, I have nothing else to say on the matter, enter and enjoy yourselves :D

Now on to my Stacking the Shelves round-up! This week I got...

All of the books except Soulbound, were BookDepository preorders and you cannot imagine how excited I was to get my hands on Stormdancer. It was sooooo worth it; I am a very happy reader! Because I like to think frugally, I went with the paperback edition of Raven Boys. I'm kind of lusting after the hardcover though...*Sigh* no one ever said it was easy! Still, I love all of my books. What did you end up with this week? Don't forget to share, I am lover of comments and I reply to each one.



  1. Oh sweetheart <333333
    You got pure awesomeness this week! Start with The Raven Boys asap! and then Defiance! they are amazing! but I have heard marvelous comments about Stormdancer, so what to read next is really hard. =P enjoy them all!!!! kyaaaaaaa!! <33333

    1. Lol I agree that the choice about what to read next is difficult. I squealed so hard when I got them, and I'm squealing now!! Haha this comment made my day ^_^ I love your blog and think you are amazing, thanks for visiting me :D

  2. Sweet haul. Raven Boys was excellent. Great selection of books this week. Come visit me as well.


    1. Hey, Grace!

      I know this reply comes a little late, but I'm happy for your visits :) Raven Boys, my friend, is going to be positively impeccable. Now all I really need is The Diviners!

  3. Soulbound is pretty fun, hope you like it :)

    1. Soulbound DOES look really good, I think reading it will be fun!


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