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Review: Evyione (Volume 1) by Kim Young-Hee

Evyione: Ocean Fantasy, Volume 1 by Kim Young-Hee
My rating: 3 of 5 genies
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Retelling, Adventure, Romance
Published: Septemeber 9, 2008
Pages: 200
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Source: Online Scan
Format: eBook

Goodreads Summary

Remember the tale of the little mermaid that fell in love with the dashing human prince? Now, imagine the roles reversed, as a romance blooms between the beautiful Evyione and a dashing young merman. It's a unique twist on timeless tale that is sure to leave you spellbound.

My Thoughts

First things first, this series is what I would consider soft porn at many instances; it depicts sex in relative detail and the female breasts are pretty much on display whenever said coitus occurs. Suffice to say, there is nudity, and as I was shocked to discover, sex happens pretty graphically. The image immediately coming to mind in this instance is of Ariel on that magical rock, when all the water is bursting around her...

Minus the pretty little seashells on hisher boobs.

On that note, I am pretty offended because guys in the manga get great coverage of their privates not that I'm hungry for any visuals on man parts or anything, and the most that is shown of male nakedness is well...The Butt.


It was a well drawn manga, in my opinion, and the story looks promising. As I previously mentioned, there are graphic scenes but the first manga volume is not as bad as the ones following. But with that said, I would not advice anyone 15-16 or younger reading this, just because I do not find it appropriate. You have been warned.

Another issue I had was with the crazy sea witch, and I think that it is time a growing problem in our society be addressed. What is up with all the crazy chicks?? I get that some people might be all, 'Go her!' or 'The Sea King was a total dolt anyway,' but really? Are you kidding me right now? She's crazy in the head, and willing to risk everything - all the mer-perople's futures and the life of this Dude-King whom she apparently loves - just to feel needed??

That's messed up. What happened to telling him you loved him, getting rejected and well, moving on?! Let's not forget that there have been many chicks besides this princess, other women that she has helped...ahem...kill. She's nuts, I don't know what constitutes for nuts for y'all, but that is nutty enough for me and 2 captain crunchy-crunch sandwiches with enough left-over for seconds. That nuts.

And I'm going to start ranting soon so I'll cut it short here. What I'm getting at is: read this if you want something interesting and if entertaining nudity isn't a problem. It is not a bad manga by any standards, but some things really could have been handled far more tastefully.

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