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Tour Stop: Selene Castrovilla's Saved By The Music Character Interview & GIVEAWAY

Saved By The Music Blog Tour

Saved By The Music by Selene Castrovilla
Published: May 13, 2013
Series: N/A
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Westside Books
Pages: 280
Format: eBook
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Goodreads Summary
The last place fifteen-year-old Willow wants to spend her summer is on a run-down former coffee barge, which her aunt is converting into a floating concert hall. In Saved by the Music, Willow thinks she’s alone until she meets Axel, an older teen who lives isolated from the world on the sailboat docked nearby. An unlikely romance sparks as the two grapple with their darkest secrets and bond through shared pain and laughter. It is a summer where music must do more than just soothe the soul.

Selene Castrovilla is an award-winning teen and children’s author who believes that through all trends, humanity remains at the core of literature. She is the author of Saved By the Music and The Girl Next Door, teen novels originally published by WestSide Books and now available digitally through ASD Publishing. Her third children’s book with Calkins Creek Books, Revolutionary Friends, was released in April. Selene holds an MFA in creative writing from New School University and a BA in English from New York University. She lives on Long Island with her two sons. Visit her website for book excerpts and more information!

Author links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

(Featuring Willow from Saved by the Music!)

Q. How important is music to you?

Willow: Music literally saved my life. First, Jim Morrison’s voice calmed me and helped me through all the loneliness at home. Jim became my best friend! Then I met Axel – who looked like Jim Morrison but played the cello so beautifully he nearly brought me to tears. Listening to him play made me appreciate the healing qualities of music, and I felt calmed. Life became manageable – maybe even bright? That’s when I opened up to listening to Aunt Agatha play, as well. My whole world turned around, thanks to music.

Q. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why? If you could, who would you take along?

Willow: I would like to visit Jim Morrison’s grave in France. I would bring Axel with me to France because it’s so beautiful there I would want to share it with him. I know we would enjoy holding hands along the Seine. But I would not take him to the grave because it would upset him. I would take a train to see Monet’s gardens in nearby Giverny, but I wouldn’t take Axel there because he can’t take being around plants. We could head to England, to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace – because Shakepeare is Axel’s god, and I would love to watch him bask in his Promised Land.

Q. Willow, what do you think of Jim Morrison, and what role does his music play in your life?

Willow: Finding out about Jim Morrison came at such a crucial stage in my life, it was like he was my guardian angel. He was a poet, and he had a tortured soul. Learning about him made me feel like I had an ally in the cruel world. His music is like my tranquilizer – an instant relief. I think he was a tragic figure, and I’m sorry for what he when through. That it was largely self-inflicted makes it even sadder. When I hear his music it’s like he’s telling me his story, sharing his sad soul with mine. When I listen I am reminded that we are all responsible for our own happiness, and I must make sure to find mine.

Q. Is there anything you regret, a point in time you wish you could rewind and do again differently? If so, why?

Willow: I would not get involved in any way with Craig Culligan. He changed my life in a very bad, irrevocable way.

Q. Willow, describe yourself in 5 words?

Willow: Loving, honest, deep, sarcastic, real.

Q. If you could have anything in the world, regardless of value, what would it be?

Willow: I don’t really care about the monetary value of things. I would want a limitless supply of unconditional love. Thanks for inviting me to stop by! It’s great making new friends!

Q: Thanks Willow! It was great having you, thank-you for dropping by :)

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