Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten: Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book

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Top Ten Words That Gravitate Me Towards Any Book: 

Forbidden: This word sounds so off-limits, how on earth am I supposed to resist?

Sizzling: I love, love, LOVE good romantic chemistry! Being a fan of romance, I appreciate it when a book promises a sizzling connection between the female and male leads, so hot that the page kind of chars a little. It can be love/hate or whatever, but reading about their chemistry has to make me sit back and dig deeper into the novel.

Magic: A little magic never hurt anyone! I appreciate a touch of the supernatural.

Heartwrenching: Tissues, anyone? I love a good cry. Man, when a book has me feeling that invested, you know it's good. Needless to say, the promise of said tear-jerking feelings always has me grabbing books of this sort fast.

Stunning: This word is especially powerful when the book cover backs it up! If it's pretty on the outside AND the blurb promises goodies on the inside, I can hardly keep from picking it up.

Romance: Really, this is almost a MUST. I adore romance and can never get enough of it! Got romance? Give. Me.

Fate: I love a little mysticism in the books I read, so why not throw fate in the mix? Usually books that mention this concept have a lot to do with Starcrossed Lovers, and we all know how I feel about my romance...

Secrets: I was addicted to Pretty Little Liars (the books) for precisely this reason! I love a good secret, especially when it is of catastrophic proportions. Who doesn't love for a little chaos to go down when all is finally revealed?

Mysterious: Think with me here: my mind is going along the lines of "Mysterious" Men. Yes, please! Or just give me mystery as a theme in general, it thickens the plot and a good amount of eeriness really helps carry the story along.

Adventure: I like knowing that eventually we will go somewhere! There is nothing worse than reading a novel and feeling as though NOTHING is happening. Seriously, just shoot me now! I like that when Adventure is mentioned, people at least wander around a bit, or slay a dragon or two, I really don't ask for much ;)

I've shared the words that pique my interest. What jumps out to YOU when reading a book blurb/hearing a recommendation? Maybe we think alike, share in the comments and let me know!



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