Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey Guys, Meet Tookie!

Hey Guys!

Today I thought I would introduce you - formally - to someone pretty special. I talk about her a lot and for the past year and a bit, she's been the love of my life. Sort of. If you count my fictional boyfriends, then maybe not. Meet Tookie! I got her for my 18th birthday a year back and she's been a loyal eReader ever since, the very best a girl could ask for. Now I know that she isn't fancy shiz, she doesn't glow in the dark or anything, but she's sure as hell special to me! Keep in mind, she is a hard one to keep quiet.

**Disclosure: The captions are entirely Tookie-Peregrine Fisher's doing, a.k.a. Tookie.**

Awe, Yeah! I look so GOOD.

The Introduction
**I apologize for her language!**

Me: Say Hi, Tookie.
Tookie (waving): What up, Gangsters?
Me: Ugh. I told you, you've got zero swag!
Tookie (shrugging): Yeah. I try, though.
Me (hugging Tookie): I know, hun. I know.
Tookie: What the hell? Homie, that is too close for comfort. Ain't nobody got time for that!
Me: I thought I would introduce you to everyone, since you got a new cover today. You look so pretty now!
Tookie: Lazy bum. I was naked for too long!
Me (shakes head): You had a case, dear, it was just less flashy than this one.
Tookie: Woman, I was a fashion disgrace, hence why my previous cover will not be shown. Hide your kids, hide your wife.
Me (laughs): I don't think you mean that.
Tookie (serious): Does Daemon Black make the sun look like melted ice cream? Do Warner and Akiva's level of intensity make the rest look like little Marmalade punks?
Me (shakes head): Dang. I guess someone was paying attention.
Tookie (smugly): Damn straight!
Me: Tookie-Peregrine Fisher, mind your language!
Tookie: No can't do, J-thang. Don't change me, sucka. I is how I is. Okay, just kidding, I speak English! (It's in my programming), but you still can't change me.
Me (exasperatedly): I know, trust me, I've tried.
Tookie (gasps): Oh hell no. WHAT WAS THAT?!?
Me (nervously): Nothing, hun. Oh, I guess that's all we have time for. Do you want to say anything else to the readers before you leave?
Tookie (pumps fist): Yeah. Stay real, guys, fly your pimp flags high and--
Me (quickly puts her away): I guess that's all we have time for, say bye, Tookie!
Tookie (muffled): I will get eReader protective services on your sorry--


*Sigh* I told you she could be a handful. Hopefully y'all enjoyed meeting her, I really do love my little Reader to bits. Here is the case we ended up getting for her, I love that it's a nice pretty torques green and that the lettering is engraved in gold. The Wuthering Heights cover is also an excellent touch.
It's about time I got some proper clothing!

Tookie Facts:

- She has about 681 items, and counting. I stock her up whenever I can and she's there for me when the world is not nearly as interesting. 

- She's a year old, and turned one last December.

- She loves television. Could you tell?

- She has mad crushes on Daemon and Kaidan from the YA universe and will kill me 20 different ways for telling you. Say what?

- Her favourite thing to do is to be read. Like for reals, this girl loves being held. 

- She likes long walks on the beach while sipping diet pepsi and munching on Pizza. Kidding! She'd much rather prefer coke :P

And that is basically it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and at least now many of you will know who I'm referring to when I say "Tookie." *Grins* Do you have an eReader of your own? Are they nearly as crazy? I would love to hear about it!

Take care Lovies,



  1. Too cute! Loved the interview, and she sounds like a blast! My nook Hektor isn't half as much fun as your Tookie! Hope you both have a long and loving relationship. :)

    1. lol Thanks Alexia! I like that I'm not the only one naming my device, Hektor sounds amazing ^_^


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