Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (7) : Belated Box-sets and Dragons

**"Stacking the Shelves" is run by Tynga @ Tynga's Book Reviews and I'm linking up with some of the great books I found this week.**

Many apologies,

I know last week was a snail-race on the blog, and my apologies go out to each and every one of you, I'm sorry lovelies! Life just feels so hectic right now, I don't want to fall into the cliché of complaining about studies, but I do feel a bit overwhelmed. BUT the blog (and you) cannot be expected to suffer for that, so I'M BACK lol, and I'm bringing you my Stacking the Shelves post intended for last week, forgive me!

This week we have...

The Iron Fey boxset!!!

All the books are by Julie Kagawa and the package included a wonderful signed poster. I wasn't expecting it and it kind of made my day :)

My wallpaper is TOTES jealous!

And finally, another unexpected read came in the mail, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland by Catherynne M. Valente. I won this through Kara Maliczak's stellar blog, Great Imaginations! She's a very sweet girl and her reviews are always thoughtful and interesting so if you're ever in the blog-neighbourhood be sure to check her out.

That cover...she is a Mouthful!

But yes, these are my spoils of last week. I got dragons and Fairies all in the span of seven days! I feel very lucky and blessed. But what did you come across in terms of booky-hunting? I'm curious to know :)

Love you lots!


  1. OH MY GOD! I didn't know Julie Kagawa released a boxset for the Iron Fey series! I need to check it out ASAP! I've wanted to read it since forever. I hope you enjoy it! :D

    My Stacking the Shelves post

    1. Thanks! I had to get the boxset especially after reading "The Immortal Rules" and loving it. I think Julie Kagawa is amazing :)

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  2. Wow, great haul! I've heard great things about the Iron Fey series, I hope you enjoy them all. Happy reading! ^.^ If you would like to check out my Stacking The Shelves you can do so here. :)

    1. I didn't really like the first book, but the quotes always seem to pop up, and they are sooo good! I liked another book by Julie Kagawa and decided to give the series another try. I'm not disappointed :)

  3. Woohoo awesome book week! I hope you enjoy the Iron Fey series!

    Our StS for the week =)

  4. I hope you enjoy all of you books! The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland looks so good! I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

    My STS:


    1. Aw, thank-you! I appreciate your visit and will let you know how the book goes :D


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