Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Update and Giveaway Winner!!

Hey Guys!

I'm just checking in to let you all know that school is officially back in session. This was my first week, and I had all the weird 'trying to find the right class' jitters even though I'm a second year! There were all these people kind enough to help, though, I appreciate that. But my lack of direction and minimal embarrassment aside, school has been good to me. So far. Here's me praying that it stays that way ;) There are a few things still pending for me to get to...such as, writing up my 'Shadeland' review and posting the fashion set for it, that should be done by the end of the week, and I have to get my reading on!

I kind of died when Enshadowed finally came in the mail. Good thing too, I am officially on lockdown in terms of being allowed to borrow anything from the library. The other day, my mother made me return all 23 of my library loans. Seriously, I think it was some kind of intervention because she said "A's don't make themselves," and that I would need to 'work hard' for the kind of grades I want. The horror! Regardless of how sensible this decision is, it still sucks; but school comes first. I have to remember...reading school...comes first. Heh, perfectly normal see? I can do normal.

Crazy Gif
Oh who put that there?!

On to My other Announcement!

I know you've been waiting on this, a lot of you entered and I really appreciate the love and support; it's hard to find subbies as great as you guys these days! In my eyes, you're all Winners! But there is only one for this  Giveaway, and that person is...

Entry #814: Heather Cranmer 
She chose
Confessions of an Angry Girl  

Congrats, Heather! I've shipped the book of your choice and it should arrive shortly. Thank-you for entering everyone!! Be sure to check back soon for more chances to win. Thanks again!!

Lots of love,

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