Friday, August 31, 2012

Fiction into Fashion (1) Catching Jordan

Hey guys!

So I wanted to introduce you to my new meme, Fiction into Fashion!!

Newsflash, I love clothes, beauty, and just getting dressed up. If you love me, you will buy me things. Of course I'm kidding. Not everything can be bought with money, just most lol. Jokes aside though, I really do enjoy using the online styling site - Polyvore - it is a great way to explore different trends, styles, and create not only fashion sets, but Interior design pieces and Art based on your preferences. A lot of the time sets can serve as styling tools for others, as the items used are always listed below the actual set, as will be the case here as well. I've been on Polyvore for a few years now, but it only occurred to me recently that I could incorporate elements of books and characters into fashion. It was brilliant and an instant combination of two of my favourite things ever! WIN.

I made the button for the meme myself, so apologies if the looks aren't up to par, but you can find my review of the book, Catching Jordan,  here. The outfits below are basically what I'd picture Jordan in, as well as the overall feel that the novel gave me, hopefully you all will enjoy the set. **Note that "Fiction into Fashion" does not strictly showcase those outfits featured in the books themselves, but mostly will be an extension of what I perceive the character's choice of wear and style to be. Enjoy :)

*The below set was inspired by Miranda Kenneally's novel, Catching Jordan.

Catching Jordan

Forever New cut out dress, 82 CAD / White shirt / American Eagle Outfitters long sleeve top, 30 CAD / Levi's denim shorts, 64 CAD / Converse high top sneaker, 54 CAD / Chain wrap bracelet / Silver necklace, 77 CAD / LancĂ´me fragrance, 91 CAD / The Body Shop beauty product, 5.94 CAD / So Tasty! Popcorn Vinylmation Figure / Red hat / philosophy makeup

What do you think of the set/meme? Sound off in the comments below!


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