Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogger Image Uploader is DOWN


Bad news, but the image uploader in blogger is giving me grief; it won't upload, let alone actually load. This sucks because there are 2 new memes of Choice Reads's I wanted to share, and now that has to be postponed because of this issue, determining on when the problem is fixed. Unfortunately, this means no uploads with images for a while - reviews are on hold, as are other weekly memes - and I'm just trying not to head-desk too hard right now. I crave your indulgence on this, and hopefully the problem will be shortly resolved. You guys are the best!


Judith :)


  1. If the image uploader isn't working for you via Blogger, go to (where your images are stored), login, and upload your images directly to Picasa. Then go back to Blogger, in the Compose tab, and when you click on the button to insert an image, the 3rd option down on the left side is "from Picasa Web Albums". Choose that, select the album you uploaded the image to, select the image, and then insert it :)


    1. Thank-you for the sound advice :) It's still on the fritz, and hopefully they'll fix it soon, but until then I'll just use a different browser. I get to post now because of you!

      Thanks again,



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