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Review: Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent
My rating: 3.5 of 5 genies
Genre: Mature, Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Adventure
Published: August 23, 2011
Pages: 463
Publisher: Mira
Source: Library Loan
Format: Paperback
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Goodreads Summary

Bound by blood, condemned by fate

As a bloodtracker, Liv is extremely powerful. And in a world where power is a commodity that can get you killed, Liv's learnt to survive by her own rules.

Rule number one? Trust no one.

But when a friend's daughter goes missing, Liv is bound by a potent magical oath. She can't rest until the child is safe.
And that means trusting her dangerous ex, Cam.

A sinister prophecy tells that she and Cam will be the death of each other, yet Liv's tired of being a slave to destiny. She's ready to play the forces controlling her world at their own game.

No matter what the cost.

My Thoughts

I don't think it hit me just how "Mature" this book was going to be. It was for that reason alone that I could not finish reading it. Yes, I didn't finish, even though by all means Blood Bound is a Goodread. It just wasn't for me.

Around about 80 or so pages in I began to have my doubts about where the relationship between Liv and Cam was going - would they sleep together again? Would it be a clean read? - and I actually skimmed forward some chapters, proving my earlier assumption correct, there is a strong sense of grief, passion and more importantly sex in this novel. Cam and Liv are adults who admittedly love each other; I thought they were cute together but this just doesn't gel with what I'm usually comfortable with.

Rachel Vincent has written previously some YA and Adult fiction and naturally being an avid young adult reader, I was hoping Blood Bound would lean more towards that genre, and it didn't. Maybe it's because I don't believe in sex before marriage---it causes so many unnecessary problems!! This doesn't mean that I will condemn someone who has had said coitus, not like this:

Or this...

No, I'd just advice them otherwise because I know that very few people ever end up with the first person they sleep with. Why put yourself through all the grief? That's just the way I see it.

But yes, this book is good and I'd recommend it to older readers who'd like a nice Urban read. From what I read it is well written and developed with originality in its storyline and humour from very fleshed characters. And it's because the characters happen to be so real that I cannot read about their relationship as the fiction it is intended. This book isn't meant for everyone, but the people it was targeted towards will have a blast with it.

3.5/5 genies!

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